INNOVA TS7 (Cable only)

Speaker cable

TInnova TS-7' is the speaker cable which gets a high reputation as the high cost performance among audio phile. This cable provides direct and clearsound by 4 core pure copper wire which is made in Japan.
This is sold in cuts by increments of 1m.

Highest quality speed

High purity copper wire is used for the conductor, and LDPE with excellent dielectric constant is newly adopted for the insulator. By ensuring excellent electrical characteristics, the new product reproduces powerful and deep low frequencies and extended and highly transparent high frequencies, and achieves the highest quality of speed and response.
Highest Quality Resolution

The four-core twisted-pair structure provides optimal noise shielding.
Furthermore, by enhancing S/N, a delicate and clear sound image is reproduced and the highest quality resolution is realized.
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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