ORB LP Discstabilizer series
making clear and straight sound.


High-end stabilizer HP-SSR & HP-SSU 'KINKAKU' are for high-end audio. It makes clear and transparent sound.
The weight is getting heavier and heavier from inside to outside. Therefore it presses outside of analog disk strongly and it makes possible static contact with analog player. The adhesion of a turntable and an analog disk is rapidly improved. Moreover, a pressurizing performance and a stability that adopt a concentric circle slit on the sticking side in order to improve the static contact.
Traditional and modern design don’t choose player and audio room: You can choose the modern style 'crimson red' and traditional black golden lacquered finish so that much any player and audio room.
  Weight is getting heavier from inside toward outside and it achieved more static contact :
The weight is getting heavier and heavier from inside to outside because outside is thicker. It makes static contact and transparent sound.
The slit of the bottom that improves the stability of the setting :
A concentric circle slit fits for the analog record. The stability at the setting is improved.
Simple and modern design matched to any player :
The beautiful silver surface that given a buff grinding and the anodized processing to the aluminum material is matched to any analog player.
Product size : Main body/φ90×H35mm
Weight : 320g
Material : Aluminum alloy 2017
Lineup :
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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