Feel the clearest sound by eliminating static charge that makes harmful effect for sound

SAKURA' is handheld static neutralizer.It makes balanced ion wind by high voltage and eliminate static charge it harm for listing music and playing music.New developed DIP -Direct Injection Platform- technology achieves less power consumption and high power.Static neutralizer 'SAKURA' has tremendous effect improve sound.This is the must needed tool for all music funs all over the world!

1. Analog disc, CD, DVD and Blueray disc.
2. Decks,amplifires,headphones,spkers and power supply.
3. Guitar,bass,piano,keyboard and DJ equipments.

Batteries :
Alkaline AA (Cell) Battery x 4

Battery Life :
Continuous use: 1.5 hours approx

Caution :
recommended maximum continuous use 20 seconds

Intervals :
20 seconds on and then 1 minute off.

Method :
Balanced Ion Flow

Size :
W : 120 H : 220 L : 45mm
(Grip portion : W : 53? H : 88 L : 45mm)

Weight :

Safe Usage Environment :
Temperature 5, - 40,
Humidity 20% - 90% (No condensation)

Country of manufacture :
Made in JAPAN

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