Clear force mini to RCA Nova 2nd generation

Portable Player to Amplifier Connecting Cable (3.5mini-RCA)
'Clear force mini to RCA Nova 2nd generation' is a cable for connecting a portable player to amplifier with thorough noise suppression.
All cables are hand-made in our factory by Meister craftsman to pick maxim potential of all parts up.

For the RCA plug, FP-110(G) made by Furutech is used.
For the 3.5φ plug is a brass plug made in Japan.
It is a cable with high cost performance.
You can choose the length from 1m to 3m.
Good music indoors or outdoors.

It can be connected from a digital audio player with unbalanced output (3.5mm/3 pole) to an amplifier with RCA input terminal. You can enjoy the music you carry around with you indoors easily.

Thorough noise control.

The use of pure domestic high-purity copper wire for the conductor eliminates resistance in the transmission of audio signals, resulting in a clear and crisp sound quality.
All cables are manufactured in our own factories, and are soldered by ORB's master craftsmen using advanced techniques under thorough quality control to minimize transmission loss.
High S/N, clear and energetic sound is achieved.

High flexibility.

The internal and external sheaths, which are carefully applied in our domestic factories, provide amazing flexibility and low noise.
This cable is not only easy to handle when setting up, but it also has a high level of usability and sound quality with less strain on the RCA terminals.

Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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