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Line Selector ( for XLR terminal )



Mounting blanket

This product has thickness body to suppress the vibration, and uses high purity gold plating for binding post. 3.5φ aluminum milling knob is the exclusive design for this product. The body is high rigidity , improves the stability by lowering the center of gravity.In addition by separating a position of the input terminal right and left, it reduces the mutual interference.

Made with High-quality parts for high-end audio.
Silver-plated is used in the point of contact of rotary switch. The gold plate is used in the terminal (multi binding post). Those specifications enable to low contact resistance. Moreover, it wired the use of speaker cable 'J10' of ORB in equal length.

Designed for high-end speaker cable.
The binding post makes it possible the XLR cable of big diameter to connect though low price and compact design.

5to5 connection is possible.
Five source(player) eqipments connect to five set of amplifiers; Five amplifiers connect to five set of powered speakers.

iinput : 5 output : 5
Switching device : rotary switch,
Non short-circuit Simultaneous two poles +- switching
Circuit resistance : 15mΩ or less between COM and each output
Terminal : Gold-plated XLR terminal
Internal wiring : ORB J10 Line Cable
Size : W:430×D:170×H97 mm
Weight : 4.5kg
Accessories : Mounting blanket
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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