LS-RW Superior

Spacer Line Selector ( for RCA terminal )



Mounting blanket

LS-RW Superior is a line selector that switches between input and output signals via RCA connectors.
The audio room is made gorgeous by the beautiful appearance as well as the consideration to the sound quality by the high rigidity body and the low center of gravity structure.
It is possible to switch 5 amplifiers (preamplifier or pre-main amplifier) from 5 sources as a multi selector.
Blocks vibration and external noise.
We block vibration and foreign noise having a bad influence on sound quality by thick board case and low center of gravity structure with high damping effect.

Gold-plated RCA terminals are used.
Gold-plated RCA terminals for input and output terminals provide highly reliable contacts.

Comes with mounting blanket.
It is possible to install in 19 inches rack by using attached mounting blanket (2U size).
iinput : 5 output : 5
Switching device : rotary switch,
Non short-circuit Simultaneous two poles +- switching
Circuit resistance : 15mΩ or less between COM and each output
Terminal : Gold-plated RCA terminal
Internal wiring : ORB J7 Line Cable
Size : W:430×D:183×H97 mm
Weight : 4.5kg
Accessories : Mounting blanket
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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