KURENAI 2nd generation

Thoroughly anti noise produces clear sound you have never known.

KURENAI 2nd generation
ORB High-end Power Cable "KURENAI 2nd generation" adopts "POWER STRADA #308 WONDERFUL" which uses PC-TripleC as the cable conductor. The "Finemet Sheet", which boasts high shielding performance, is used inside the plug to shield external noise to the maximum extent possible and prevent deterioration of the sound.
The conductive part of the plug is gold-plated with a purity of 99.9% or higher, which is used for jewelry, and the case is finished with a beautiful traditional lacquer coating by hand.

High speed and quick response :
High-speed and quick response are achieved by obstructing the line noise caused by Straight capacity and lowering the particular impedance.

Certain contacting :
ORB high-end power plugs are made of more than 99.9% pure gold plating used for jewelry, and are all hand painted with a beautiful traditional lacquer coating. It decreases the contact resistance and improves certain contact and bring your audio room Japanese elegance.

Express high transparent original sound :
It expresses natural and mild tone sounds. Reproduces transparent realistic sound like as you are in concert hall.

Improve more transparent sound with ORB high-end tap. :
An original sound is reproduced in high purity by the set use with high-end power tap of ORB. It improves more transparent and bright sound.

Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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