JADE Soleil

JADE Soleil

Class D / tube Amplifier


Amethyst Purple

Ash Black

JADE Soleil - Rear

JADE Soleil is the Pre-main amplifier with headphone amplifier. It is fused old and new techniques, by using the tube amp and the class-D amp. This product is connectable to headphone, earphone and passive speaker. Expresses pure and clean sound by using ICE Power which has good dumping factor ratio wi th low power consumption. Enjoy the 3 types of color variation, Cocoa, Amethyst Purple and Ash Black.
Input : Analog (Rear):RCA terminal ×1
Analog (Front):Stereo mini jack ×1
Output : Speakers:Speaker terminal ×1
Headphone:φ6.3 stereo jack ×1 Recommended load impedance 16~600 Ω
Frequency characteristic : 20Hz~20kHz +0dB、-1.0dB
Total harmonic distortion : 0.05% or less
Declared power : Speakers:35W + 35W (4Ω) 20W + 20W (8Ω)
Headphones : 80mW + 80mW (32Ω)
Energy consumption : 150W
Size : W:139mm D:171mm H:171mm
Weight : About 1.5kg
Environmental conditions used : Temperature:5C/41F – 35C/95F (No condensation)
Humidity : 20%~90% (No condensation)
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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