JADE casa

Headphone amplifier

JADE casa is high cost performance headphone amplifier which can feel pure sound like as high-end speakerwith headphone. We use the combination of MUSE and Burr-Brown Operational-amp for R-core transformer, and the class A single amp of discrete structure for output stage. This product has power circuit for right and left channel each. It provides clear sound by separate wiring of L/R. JADE casa has switching sound trend function. The normal mode provides pure and natural sound by coupling capacitor-less and DC Servo circuit. Because of using class A single amp, the sound has a big scale, but not tired if you listen to the music even for long time with this mode. The dynamic mode provides high quality and dynamic sound by changing to another circuit. You can enjoy the variety types of music with choosing sound trend as you like!
Input : Analog:RCA terminal ×1
Analog:Stereo mini jack ×1
Output : Headphone:φ6.3stereo mini jack ×1
Recommended load impedance16~600Ω
Frequency characteristic : 0.005% or less
Declared power : 180mW + 180mW (load 32Ω)
Energy consumption : 20W
Size : W:220×D:241×H:50 mm
Weight : About 2kg
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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