J7-PHONO Clear Force

Phono Cable
J7-PHONO Clear Force
'J7-PHONO Clear Force' is a phono cable which is developed by ORB's new technology in order to reduce noise and progress S/N.
Never loose a minute signal of MC that makes clear transition without the influence of the noise, and it draws the transparent sound.
"J7" is the new designed cable with special internal sheath which completely removes the adverse from vibration.
Furutech FP-110(G) is used for the RCA plug, 'J7-PHONO Clear Force' is a cable with high cost performance.
Low noise and high S/N

The noise doesn't influence a minute signal of MC by the vibration measures and the noise measures of original ORB and either it transmits clearly. It begins to draw the sound place where feeling of quality and a transparent feeling are high.

Cable "J7" of ORB of the new design is adopted.

Special lubber of an internal sheath completely removes the adverse effect because of the vibration by adopting new design cable "J7".

You can choose from 120cm, 200cm, 250cm.

Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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