DP-6 Nova

Power Tap

DP-6 Nova

DP-6 Nova Gold

DP-6 Nova Rhodium
DP-6 Nova series are the high cost performance power tap that has 3 types, Rhodium plated model ,Gold plated model and no plated model. And this power tap is filter-less and direct connection model.

The DP-6 Nova series uses high-quality power outlets and cables, a highly vibration-damping steel case, and a highly shielded "Finemet sheet" inside the body to reproduce an amazingly clear, direct, and powerful sound image from a stylish and compact leather-tone exterior.

The 2sq power cable is attached to this product. You can use this product soon after your purchase, and enjoy the difference in sound by changing the power cable.

【Difference in sound by each model】

DP-6 Nova
This is the no plated model. This model expresses pure and simple sound.

DP-6 Nova Gold
This is the gold plated model. This model expresses beautiful and deep middle-high range sound.

DP-6 Nova Rhodium
This is the rhodium plated model. This model expresses powerful lower range sound.

Inlet/outlet :    1inlet / 6outlets
Rating :      AC125V 15A 1500W(Max)
Size :       W:260mm D:165mm H:60 mm
Weight :      2kg
Environmental conditions used Temperature : 5C/41F- 35C/95F
Hmidity :       20% ~ 90% (No condensation)
Country of manufacture :  Made in JAPAN

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