Cartridge Warmer

Cartridge Warmer

Cartridge Warmer

AC Adapter 1.5m

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Cartridge Warmer has carbon heater inside which radiates a lot of far infrared rays to heater, it warm from deep part of phono cartridge. It is improves sound quality dramatically.
Enjoy the original sound of music with our analog accessories coming from our passion for audio!
Carbon heater efficiently warms up the entire phono cartridge :
The heater uses carbon with high far-infrared radiation to warm the phono cartridge from deep inside. The entire phono cartridge is efficiently warmed by the convection heat transfer effect.

Equipped with temperature sensor :
The temperature is controlled by a temperature sensor to maintain a constant temperature regardless of the outside temperature.

Speedy heater heating :
High thermal conductivity carbon allows for speedy heater heating.

Excellent Heat Transfer Efficiency :
Infrared heating has high heat transfer efficiency and wasteful heat conduction is minimal, enabling speedy heating with a short residual heat time.

Power supply DC5V AC Adapter 1.5m
Heater Carbon temperature sensor
Power consumption 5W
Dimension W:35.5×L:69×H:42.5mm
Weight 86g
Environmental conditions used Indoor normal temperature
(No condensation)
Humidity Indoor normal temperature
(No condensation)
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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