CF-IEM avec Moissanite

The premium in-ear monitor "CF-IEM avec Moissanite" is a special model made of the most brilliant gemstone "Moissanite".

One balanced armature driver vivid sounds with decent acoustics and fatness, for you to enjoy the genuine beauties of music sources. With its superior clearness spreading to each piece of sounds and warmth to depict the performer's emotion, CF-IEM could be your best partner for both playing and listening music.

CF-IEM avec Moissanite standard model is furnished with "Re-Cable for the beginning", which was previously available only in Japan.
You can also choose "Clear force Ultimate CL", "with Celestial force C4".

Adopt 1 BA (balanced armature).

Equipped with one BA (balanced armature), it expresses a clear sound image with good resonance and thickness, which is an acoustic room within the shell exclusively designed for this model to enhance sonic dimensions. With the shell solidified by clear resin, CF-IEM avec Moissanite is thoroughly free from any undesirable vibrations and suitable both for private listening and for professional use.

High reliability in cable connection.

As the connector of the cable is firmly covered by the earphone unit when plugged in, you won't be bothered with loose connection.

Most brilliant gemstone "Moissanite" on the face.

The face of the earphones is decorated with "Moissanite," known as the most brilliant gemstone on earth.
You can enjoy the breathtaking brilliance of Moissanite, which is said to be 2.5 times more brilliant than that of natural diamonds.

SednaEarfitLight Short earpieces.

Coupled with CF-IEM avec Moissanite are "SednaEarfitLight Short" earpieces, which are composed of medical grade LSR silicon and provide you with a superior feel drawing out all the potential of the driver unit with its high soundproof performance. You can choose the best fit from six different size options.

CF-IEM avec Moissanite
 (Options for Cable : Re-Cable for the beginning)

■ CF-IEM avec Moissanite with Clear force Ultimate CL
 (Options for Cable : Clear force Ultimate CL Custom IEM 2pin 3.5φ)

CF-IEM with Moissanite with Celestial force C4
 (Options for Cable : Celestial force C4 Custom IEM 2pin 3.5φ)

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■ Driver Component

■ Impedance

■ Sensitivity

■ Frequency Response

■ Net Weight

■ Cable Length

■ Options for Cable

■ Country of manufacture

10.2 Ω

104 dB

20 Hz – 18.5 kHz

3.4 g

1.2 m (approx.)

・CF-IEM avec Moissanite
 … Re-Cable for the beginning
・CF-IEM avec Moissanite with Clear force Ultimate CL
 … Clear force Ultimate CL Custom IEM 2pin 3.5φ
・CF-IEM avec Moissanite with Celestial force C4
 … Celestial force C4 Custom IEM 2pin 3.5φ

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