Celestial force C8 3.5φ Slim body double

Re-Cable for 3.5φ Slim body double
Celestial force C8 3.5φ Slim body double 2.5φ
Celestial force C8 3.5φ Slim body double 3.5φ
Celestial force C8 3.5φ Slim body double 4.4φ
The "Celestial force C8 3.5φ Slim body double" is a supreme re-cable that maximizes the features of both the "occ pure silver conductor" and the "pure copper plug CINQBES", and combines unprecedented high resolution with an extended and refreshing mid-high range.
The cable's conductor is made of 99.996% occ pure silver wire, which has the highest conductivity and a unique beauty of sound.
The plug is also made of "CINQBES", a domestic pure copper plug manufactured in Japan, which has high conductivity and stable current-carrying characteristics.
The plug body is plated with ORB's original plating to give it a beautiful and luxurious appearance.
You can feel gorgeous, elegant, and ‘ high-resolution melodious sound by this cable 8-core hand-twisted cable.
Let’s enjoy the clear and beautiful sound and the beautiful texture.
99.996% occ pure silver wire is used for the conductor.

While making the most of the high resolution and clear mid and high frequency range that silver wire has to offer, we have achieved a smooth and natural sound in each band by thoroughly selecting the conductor structure, weaving method, and even the solder, tools, and construction method used.
It is a high quality cable with excellent flexibility, combining functionality and beauty.
This beautiful 8-core twisted cable has superior transfer and high resolution. Our careful hand-twisted cable archive high flexibility for daily use.

Our original gun-metallic plated pure copper plug ‘CINQBES’ manufactured in Japan.

The pure copper plug ‘CINQBES’ of 99.9% purity with excellent conductivity. It provides high resolution and excellent balanced sound. The mechanical strength of copper is generally inferior to brass, but ‘CINQBES’ boasts the same mechanical strength as brass. It is applied nonmagnetic electroless nickel plating as an under-layer of gold plating and it thoroughly eliminates magnetism affect. We applied ORB original gun-metallic plate to the body shell. It achieves not only beautiful looks but also high rigidity to prevent vibration. You can feel excellent sound quality you have never heard.

High quality completely in-house production

Under thorough quality control, soldering is done carefully one by one by hand in our factory with advanced technology by ORB Master craft-man.
All soldering work is done by our master craft-man and that makes possible all cables have the same superb quality.

Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN
Celestial force C8
3.5φ Slim body double
2.5φ/4pole (Balanced) type
Celestial force C8
3.5φ Slim body double
3.5φTRS/3pole (Stereo) type
Celestial force C8
3.5φ Slim body double
4.4φ/5pole (Balanced) type

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