Brilliant force Lightning-4.4φ

Lightning to 4.4φ Headphone Jack Adapter
Brilliant force Lightning-4.4φ

Original cable ‘flexSC4’
Original tin cover shell
This is new designed all made in Japan‘Brilliant force Lightning-4.4φ, cable for lightning connectors.
It can connect from lightning jack to 4.4φterminal.
Every single cable is carefully crafted by ORB’s master craft-man by hand. Each component part is carefully selected. ORB’s original cable ‘flexSC4’ adopts silver plated high purity oxygen-free copper 4NOFC as a conductor.
The plug is Toh-pra connector’s 4.4φ jack.
Those made in Japan super high-quality parts are key of the great sound.
Using original Apple lightning connector circuit for long life use. Even we creator new connector cover shell for making good sound.
You can feel gorgeous, elegant, and brilliant high-resolution melodious sound by your device with lightning jack that you have never heard!
Using Apple’s original lightning circuit for this cable and others are all ORB’s original component parts. The lightning terminal is cover with our original tin cover shell. Our original cable ‘flexSC4’ and Japanese high glade aluminum 4.4φ inlet jack. Crafted carefully and detailed by our master craft-man by hand. Our original gun metallic plate gives this cable.
This cable can change from your device with lightning jack to like as high-quality music player!
*Lightning is a trademark of Apple Inc.
ORB original cable adopts high purity oxygen-free copper 4NOFC as a conductor.

We selected beautiful silver plated 4NOFC pure copper for the conductor of our new designed cable. It improves conductivity and achieves beautiful brilliant sound. Our new flexible, smooth and less touch noise cable, has both superb gorgeous sound and usability.
Unbalanced Connection
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN
Brilliant force
Lightning to 4.4φ

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