ORB is the high-end audio brand in Osaka JAPAN. Our company was established in 1977 as electronic equipment manufacturing company. We received many requests of OEM products from domestic and foreign major companies by our high development ability and high quality control We had the audio club in our company, and we started ORB audio brand from 2003 by our passion for audio and music. We develop and produce high-end audio products with using high technique and experience which was trained in industrial machine field.
This is the ORB audio products.

Company Profile

ORB co.Ltd.
6-1 Minamibefu Settu Osaka JAPAN
TEL : +81(0)6-6349-1858
FAX : +81(0)6-6349-7344
e-mail : info@orb-audio.jp


We are expanding our international operations.
If you are interested in distributing ORB products, please contact : Globalsales@orb-audio.jp
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